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How to write your post in Hindi in word press blog?


It’s not difficult to start blogging in Hindi with word press. If you want to attract Hindi users to your blog , you can write your some of or all the posts in Hindi. There are two easy ways to start blogging in Hindi.

1 If you can write content in Hindi on your PC using Microsoft word, you can paste the same content in your word press post, for this you don’t need any special setting or tool/plugin in your word press blog.

You can even use google translate  for preparing your content in Hindi and after that you can paste your hindi content in your word press post.

2 But if you want to write in Hindi directly  in your word press post itself, instead of pasting Hindi content then you can install any plugin that allow you typing in Hindi.  You can try WPHindi plugin.

WPHindi is a beautiful solution that lets you write in Hindi inside your WordPress editor. It changes the script of the text which means when you type ‘Hello’ it becomes ‘हेलो’. You can easily type in Hindi and when you want to switch language, you can do that with the click of a button.  Visit for more details about WPHindi plugin.

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