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Why you should upgrading Your WordPress Website to PHP 7.2 ?


The PHP community released the PHP 7.2 on November 30, 2017. It comes with new features and performance improvements that will allow us to write better code. The PHP development community has made the efforts to make migration as easy as possible. This upgrade primarily focuses on removing functionality deprecated in previous versions and improving language consistency.

As the minimum PHP requirements for WordPress core increase, many plugins and themes compatible with older versions of PHP will be rendered useless. But most importantly, as these old versions will not continue to receive security patches, your website will be exposed to security breaches.

If you are using  php older version you should  upgrade it to PHP 7.2, let’s find out 4 most important reasons why you should upgrade :

1. PHP 7.2 is Much Faster and More Secure

WordPress 4.9.4 website with PHP 5.6 can handle 49.18 req/sec while a WordPress 4.9.4 site with PHP 7.2 can handle  148.80 req/sec. In short, PHP 7 can handle three times as many visitors as PHP 5 can, using the same amount of memory.

2. New Improved Security Features for  Better Security 
Older versions of PHP, especially PHP 5.6 and its predecessors have hundred of security vulnerabilities. On the other hand, PHP 7.2 or higher versions come with new security features such as Argon 2, an award-winning hashing algorithm so PHP 7.2 is more secure.

3. Better Processing Efficiency
PHP 7.2 requires much less memory compared to the older versions. That means there is a significant improvement in processing the code on the server side.

4. Stricter Development Standards
PHP 7 and above, require a higher standard of coding compared to the older versions. In the past, owing to the lack of standardization, custom code with security issues could slow down your website. As developers now have to abide by stricter coding practices, so you don’t have to worry about low performance.

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