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Indian Apps To Replace Chinese Apps: 7 Indian Alternatives To Popular Chinese Apps

India has always been one of the top overseas destinations for Chinese app developers for many years now. There are numerous Chinese applications that are widely popular in India, with millions of user downloads. However, a number of Indian apps have started to gain traction recently that are being touted as alternatives to these Chinese apps. 

Several users are now on the lookout for Indian alternatives to these popular Chinese apps, however, it can’t be so easy to find a good alternative. But, if you think that it is almost impossible to find the best alternatives to Chinese applications in certain categories, here are some of the applications that might change your opinion.

Tukur Tukur – Alternative to TikTok

Tukur Tukur is an Indian video creation app similar to Tiktok. The app also allows users to communicate and interact with other users on the platform. Tukur Tukur is probably one of the best Indian alternatives to TikTok.

JioBrowser – Alternative to UC Browser

JioBrowser is one of the most popular Indian browsers that offer a fast and secure internet surfing experience to users. Similar to UC browser, the app also provides users with engaging News and Entertainment content.

Epic web browser

Epic web browser is another great Indian alternative to China’s popular UC Browser. The app was actually developed by a Bangalore based company known as the Hidden Reflex. The web browser also comes with in-built anti-virus protection for users which gives it an edge over most other mobile browsers.

Adobe Scan – Alternative to CamScanner

Adobe Scan isn’t an Indian alternative; however, it is one of the most trusted apps in this category. You can download the app for free and start scanning your documents right away. Adobe Scan also features an integrated OCR technology that instantly detects printed text and handwriting.

And while CamScanner may seem like an excellent choice when it comes to scanning documents, the app was once removed from the Google Play Store after it was reported that a Trojan Horse module was found inside the document scanning app. The app was later reinstated after the removal of the malicious code, however, this is one of the patterns that has been observed on other popular Chinese apps as well.

Indian Selfie Camera – Alternative to BeautyPlus and YouCam Perfect

The Indian Selfie Camera is an Indian Selfie Camera app that manages to perform decently if compared to most other applications in the category. The app is reportedly faced with some minor glitches, however, these may be fixed with an update. The app comes with an easy-to-use UI and offers a range of effects for your pictures.

Google Drive – WPS Office alternative

Developed by Chinese developer Kingsoft, WPS Office is a widely used office suite for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. It is actually difficult to find a strong Indian alternative to WPS Office right now; however, one of the best tools you can try out is Google Drive. It’s a file storage service from Google that allows users to create and edit word documents, spreadsheets and presentation files and store them online. Google Drive can also be accessed from your phone.

Photo Video Maker – Alternative to VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a popular Chinese app that is mainly used for editing videos on mobile phones. However, the app poses certain privacy issues and requests unnecessary permissions from users that a video editing app wouldn’t require. So if you’re looking for a safer alternative, you can try out the ‘Photo Video Maker’ which allows you to make and edit videos. It also offers free licensed music, filters etc.

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