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How to hide Register & Login from logged in users in WordPress

We need to hide register and login option after user has logged to WordPress website or blog. In the same way we need to show Logout option to only logged users. There are many solutions available to fix solve this problem.

I found two plugins that you can use to fix this issue one of them is If Menu – Visibility control for menu items . This is very easy to use plugin, you need to install and activate this plugin after that go to menu and click on Enable visibility rules below login menu item. You can check the screen below to see – how to hide register and login option from the logged in users :

Now go to Logout menu item and select Enable visibility rules under that. See the screen below to check how to show Logout option to logged in users only.

The second plugin that you can use is Ultimate Member , This plugin also provide feature to control the visibility of the menu items in your WordPress site or blog.